Energy optimisation & metering solutions

With the increase of energy costs and the international pressure on the reduction of greenhouse gases, energy optimization is essential for the success of any business activity whether industrial or commercial. Putting this in mind, any customer will have multiple benefits:

  • Reduction of energy consumption costs
  • Positive reputation that he contributes to a better environment
  • Help customers to make preventive maintenance

Optimizing energy consumption cannot be realised without monitoring. This is done by special measuring high accuracy instruments such as heat meters, fuel and gas meters. Once energy is accurately measured, optimizing actions can be taken and the whole process is optimized. Examples are:

  • Industrial plants (e.g. sugar factory): a number of burners consume fuel which must be measured. Also the heat produced by boilers must be accurately measured and compared with the quantity of fuel consumed by the burners. Measuring the heat produced by the boiler and compare it with the amount of fuel consumed will give us the overall efficiency of the boiler and burners. If the efficiency is less than a certain value, action must be taken in order to improve system’s efficiency.
  • Commercial buildings: HVAC systems which produce cooling or heating in buildings. This energy must be monitored for the same reasons as in industrial plants. Additionally, there will be exact billing for the energy consumed by tenants. Again measuring and optimizing are essential.
  • Feasibility studies: in some buildings, the owner can hesitate between using traditional heating using fuel or natural gas vas solar energy. ASER can here help by making a feasibility study and give the final advise.
  • Moving vehicles: trucks, buses, earth moving equipment, diesel locomotives are all machines that consume diesel fuel. This fuel is very often not accurately measured which leads to big losses of money. A difference of 10% can lead to very high fuel costs. Again special fuel flowmeters are essential for having accurate measurement.

ASER Automation has the necessary solutions for each of the above mentioned fields of applications. ASER helps you to monitor and optimize your energy consumption and hence helps you to save money and keep your machinery operating in optimized conditions. The money that you will save can be invested in other more useful fields.

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